Training schedule Start2BeachEndurance

As an early bird, you get the opportunity to take part in the Start2BeachEndurance upon registration.No more excuses. Just energy and self-confidence. We will literally and figuratively pull you over the (finish) line this year.

Every participant who registers for this course will receive an expertly compiled digital schedule that guides you through every step on the way to a successful race day. And it’s completely free. Because to be prepared is half the victory.

Professional training schedule

How many times a week do you need to train? At what intensity and for how long? You will receive a professional training schedule specifically designed to optimise your strength, endurance, and skills.

Nutrition tips and choice of materials

Proper nutrition is just as important in cycling as training, technique, and tactics. What is a must and what is better left out? The nutrition tips offer you the insight you need to nourish and strengthen your body.

And let’s not forget the choice of materials. A beach race is characterised by specific requirements in this area. From the type of wheels, the correct tyre pressure, to the right choice of clothing. We’ll teach you about this aspect too.

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In short, the Start2BeachEndurance programme provides exactly what is needed to guide you to victory. Don’t wait any longer and take part in the ultimate beach race of the year.

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If you register early, you’ll receive your training schedule right away.