De Panne Beach Endurance is an international beach race for mountain bikes in which more than 1,000 riders from 6 countries participate.

This beach race was not only the first in Belgium, it is currently also the biggest. It is famous for its explosive mass start of more than 1,000 cyclists who all race over one and the same distance (52km).

The international nature of the race, with supplies in Bray Dunes over the border in France, the hill climb in Le Perroquet campsite (F) and numerous other obstacles make for a memorable experience that every cyclist must experience at least once.


  • A race permit is NOT a recreational permit (tour participants, cycle tourists, etc.)
  • The number of your starting box will be assigned automatically based on the race rules, your number (Elite / Master / Youth/ Ladies) is determined by your date of birth.
  • Your email address is required to notify you of any last minute changes, as well as invitations for the next race. Email addresses will NOT be given to third parties!
  • For organisational reasons, anybody who registers MUST pay.